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Social Media marketing
Running a fanpage on behalf of the Client

Today 78.6% of all Internet users use Facebook. Most of them not only use their presence in social media to contact their friends, but also to obtain information about the products and services they are interested in. That is why Facebook is a perfect place for effective company promotion and positive brand image creation on the company fanpage.

However, in order to achieve the intended advertising effect, it is not enough to create a company profile on Facebook. Your company’s fanpage must be run in a well-thought-out manner and adjusted to a specific audience.

We know how to create effective communication in social media, thanks to which your company will be recognized. We are creative, consistent and… up to date with current trends! Choose social media marketing and enjoy the growing popularity of your company.


What do we do while running a Facebook fanpage?

Analysis – we will prepare your brand to enter the world of social media, analyse your competitors and define the group we want to reach.
Strategy – we will create for you a social media communication strategy taking into account the specifics of your business.
Implementation – effective communication on a fanpage is the key to success. We move quickly to action, but we do not forget about making every subsequent post imaginative and engaging, gathering a growing number of fans of your company’s Facebook profile.
Campaign management – we will professionally create and optimize your company’s paid campaign on Facebook, we will also advise what budget to allocate to make your Facebook advertising effective.
Monitoring – we constantly monitor our work, optimize and improve communication.

How much does running a fanpage on Facebook cost?

Each Facebook service is priced individually and the price depends on several factors. The main one is the potential of the industry itself – a completely different strategy will be prepared for a company producing shoes and selling its products throughout Poland than for a company dealing with the regional disposal of electronic waste. We adjust the optimal number of posts and advertising budget to each activity. The suggested number of posts depends, among others, on the target group for which promotional activities are conducted. The number of posts alone is not a determinant of the quality of the profile – in certain cases it is better to publish posts less frequently (full of content value for users) than to focus only on making the activity on the profile as frequent as possible, at the expense of publication quality. Another factor influencing the price is the advertising budget – it is necessary to achieve the assumed goals and to successively develop the profile. For many years, Facebook has been “cutting the reach” of company profiles, so in order to reach the largest possible target group, paid promotion of posts is needed. We set the budget based on the competitiveness of the industry and the profile development potential. In addition to the above factors, there are a number of other factors that have less impact on the price, so in order to provide you with an offer tailored to your needs, we need to prepare an individual valuation.

We Can Help You With:


King of Social Media

Campaigns on Facebook offer the greatest number of possibilities. Depending on your needs, we plan and implement campaigns based on clearly defined objectives. These can be: building coverage, increasing traffic on the website or increasing sales.


Social Media Queen

Instagram campaigns allow you to build a positive image of your company among your target group by presenting your services or products. Promoting engaging content will also increase the activity of customers.


Social Media B2B

Campaigns on LinkedIn are dedicated to companies that operate in the B2B sector. Properly planned campaigns on this type of Social Media platform will allow to build coverage and involvement of users, as well as to gain traffic on the website.


Social Media Video

Video commercials are currently one of the most popular formats. If your goal is to build a wide range or image, and you also want to encourage the user to go to the site or download an application.